American School of Classical Studies: Fall Term

_DSC0169We have officially finished the Fall term in the Regular Program at the American School of Classical Studies. That means four incredible trips to Western and Northern Greece, the Deep Peloponnese, Central Greece, and the Argolid and Corinthia.

Attention on these trips spans all of Greek history from the Bronze Age to the modern period, including Greece in World War II and Greece today. With the trips, it is better to contextualize what is occurring in Greek art and archaeology, which I have been training for some time now.

One added benefit of the trips is the ability to see known (and sometimes unknown) water-displays relevant to my dissertation. In fact, with each trip, we must present a site-report. I was lucky to get the Nymphaeum of Herodes Atticus in Olympia and the Peirene fountain at Corinth (where I am pictured with this post).

After Thanksgiving, we start the Winter term, which focuses on Athens and Attica! More to come later.


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