Water, Architecture, & the Senses

Trevi Fountain, Rome

We just wrapped up the 2021 Spring semester at the University of Virginia. I taught a graduate seminar, Water, Architecture, & the Senses, in the Department of Art. Together, we explored the relationship of water and architecture, especially examining and reconstructing sensory experience in these types of spaces. In order to gain a better understanding of these issues, we examined a number of case studies across the globe and over time, including the ancient Mediterranean world, Inkan water projects, Renaissance gardens, Baroque Rome, blue spaces, and modern Egyptian sabils.

In lieu of a traditional research paper (especially given COVID restrictions at our library), and with a desire for students to think about public scholarship (and thus to produce a tangible piece of such outreach), I decided to have students create podcasts on topics of their choice related to our course. Topics included: ancient and modern acquacades; ancient Greek caves, the Athenian Agora, Medieval holy wells in England, the Alhambra palace, Bath (UK), and the contemporary artist, Steina Vasulka. I could not be more thrilled to share their work with you, which you can access on our course website! Happy listening!


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