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Co-Authored Chapters

“Roman Greece and the ‘Mnemonic Turn’. Some Critical Remarks,” with D. Grigoropoulos, V. Di Napoli, V. Evangelidis, F. Camia, and S. Vlizos. In Strategies of Remembering in Greece Under Rome (100 BC-100 AD), edited by T.M. Dijkstra et al, 21-35. Sidestone Press. (2017)

Public Scholarship

Life Aquatic with Dylan Rogers: Monumental Water Displays in the City of Victory,” podcast, Peopling the Past. (September 2020)

Art For Life: The Hanging Garlands of Pompeii according to Dylan Rogers,” podcast, Garland Magazine (Australia). (July 2020)

The Lawn & Roman Architecture,” Two-part blog post, Thoughts from the Lawn, Lifetime Learning Programs, University of Virginia Alumni Association. (March 2020)

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