“Il piacere d’acqua: I ninfei di Pompei.” 2013. In Atti dei Seminari di Antichità Classica e del Vicino Oriente Antico “Ricerche a Confronto,” edited by V. Gheller, 154-60. Edizioni Saecula. Article reviewed by J. Scheid (Collège de France) and B. Robinson (Vanderbilt University).

Book Reviews

Review of The Archaeology of Sanitation in Roman Italy: Toilets, Sewers, and Water Systems, by A. Koloski-Ostrow. Classical Journal Online 2016.03.01. (March 2016)

Review of Columbaria Tombs and Collective Identity in Augustan Rome, by D. Bourbonus. Religious Studies Review 41.3: 111. (September 2015)               

Review of Pompeii in the Public Imagination from its Rediscovery to Today, edited by S. Hales and J. Paul. Religious Studies Review 38.3: 162-63. (September 2012)


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