Conferences and Talks

Twilight of the Gods: Greek Cult Places & the Transition to Late Antiquity, Roman Seminar & Swedish Institute at Athens. (October 2021)
Fons et Origo: Water and the End of Greek Pagan Cult Sites.” Online.

Roman Waters: Literature, Archaeology, and New Technologies, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. (September 2021)
“Water, Architecture, & the Senses: Exploring the Materiality of Water in the Roman World.”  Hybrid.

New Currents in Ancient Water Studies, Swedish Institute at Athens & Frontinus-Gesellschaft, November 2020 
“Aquatic Landscapes and Memory in the Forum Romanum.” Online.

Archaeology Brown Bag, University of Virginia (October 2020)
“Water and Sensory Experience: Reconstructing the Procession of the Eleusinian Mysteries of Roman Greece.” Online.

Archaeological Institute of America, Annual Meeting, Chicago, January 2021
Gold Medal Symposium Honoring the Career of Prof. Katherine M.D. Dunbabin
“The Mosaics of the House of the Boat of Psyches: Reexamining Identity in Antioch”

Destruction, Survival, and Recovery in Ancient Greece Conference, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, May 2019
“Athens and Sulla: Revisiting the Extent of the ‘Siege’ of 86 BCE”

Dobbinalia: A Symposium in Honor of John J. Dobbins, University of Virginia, April 2019
“Dobbins at the American School in Athens & the Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia”

Archaeological Institute of America, Annual Meeting, San Diego, January 2018
“A Dameskenos at the American School: Revisiting Notions of Identity and Death in Roman Athens”

Senses of Place Conference,  Roehampton University, February 2018
“Sensing Water: A New Approach to Understanding Fountains in the Roman World”

“L’acqua e la città romana,” Convegno di Studi, Gruppo di Studio sull’Idraulica Antica, Università di Padova, November 2017
“Sensorial Responses to Fountains in the Roman City”

“Going Against the Flow: Wells, Cisterns, and Water in Ancient Greece” Workshop, Swedish Institute at Athens, September 2017
Haec utilitas, haec amoenitas: The Role of Fountains and Springs in Greco-Roman Antiquity”

American School of Classical Studies at Athens, March 2017
“The ‘Hypereia Krini’ at Ancient Pherai”

Archaeological Institute of America, Annual Meeting, Toronto, January 2017
“The Trickle-Down Effect: Private Water-Displays of Hadrian and Herodes Atticus”

“Wasser-formen: Geschichte, Gestalt und Semantik eines Elements” Studienkurs, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, October 2016
“The Architectural Structure of the Baths of Caracalla” and “Hadrian’s Villa: The Role and Gestalt of Water in an Imperial Villa”

“Strategies of Remembrance in Greece under Rome,” International Conference, Dutch Institute, Athens, October 2016
“Roman Greece and the ‘Mnemotic Turn’: Some Critical Remarks,” Presented with F. Camia, V. Di Napoli, V. Evangelidis, D. Grigoropoulos, S. Vlizos.

Roman Seminar, Athens, November 2015
Strepitu visuque iucunda: A Sensorial Approach to Water-Displays in Roman Greece”

Synoikismos Seminar, Free University of Brussels, April 2015
“Fluid Identities: ‘Sacred’ Roman Water-Displays in Fora”

Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, January 2015
“Theatricality and Spectacle in Roman Water-Displays”

Roman Discussion Forum, Oxford University, December 2014
Nullus enim fons non sacer: Religious Water-Displays in the Roman World”

Roman and Late Roman World Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh, December 2014
Scaenae Fons: Water-Displays in the Roman Theater”

Postgraduate Seminars, Associazione Rodopis, Dipartimento di Storia Antica, Università di Bologna, May 2011
“Il piacere d’acqua: I ninfei di Pompei” (in Italian)

Classics Department Tuesday Luncheon, UVa, November 2011
“The Pleasure of Water: The Nymphaea of Pompeii”

Trecento Conference in Memory of Andrew Ladis, University of Georgia, November 2010
Perfettissimo Marmo Lavorato: Influence and Meaning in the Pavement of Cappella Palatina, Palermo”

Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS), Southern Section, Richmond, VA, October 2010
“Abundance and the Forum: Urban Features on Two Streets in Pompeii,” “Streetwise in Pompeii” panel, organized by Professor John Dobbins

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