Conferences and Talks

Roman Seminar, Athens, November 2015

Strepitu visuque iucunda: A Sensorial Approach to Water-Displays in Roman Greece”


Synoikismos Seminar, Free University of Brussels, April 2015

“Fluid Identities: ‘Sacred’ Roman Water-Displays in Fora”


Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, January 2015

“Theatricality and Spectacle in Roman Water-Displays”


Roman Discussion Forum, Oxford University, December 2014

Nullus enim fons non sacer: Religious Water-Displays in the Roman World”


Roman and Late Roman World Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh, December 2014

Scaenae Fons: Water-Displays in the Roman Theater”


Postgraduate Seminars, Associazione Rodopis, Dipartimento di Storia Antica, Università di Bologna, May 2011

“Il piacere d’acqua: I ninfei di Pompei” (in Italian)


Classics Department Tuesday Luncheon, UVa, November 2011

“The Pleasure of Water: The Nymphaea of Pompeii”


Trecento Conference in Memory of Andrew Ladis, University of Georgia, November 2010

Perfettissimo Marmo Lavorato: Influence and Meaning in the Pavement of Cappella Palatina, Palermo”


Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS), Southern Section, Richmond, VA, October 2010

“Abundance and the Forum: Urban Features on Two Streets in Pompeii,” “Streetwise in Pompeii” panel, organized by Professor John Dobbins


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