Past & Present Lives of the Mosaics of Corinth

Figure 5, Dionysus HeadI am pleased to announce that I had an article come out in the most recent volume of the journal, Mosaic: Past and Present Lives in the Mosaics of Corinth. Here is the abstract:

In the quest to uncover new material about previously excavated mosaics, one can turn to the archives of an excavation. Excavations of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Greece and elsewhere often kept sufficient records of their progress and discoveries, although, not in keeping with today’s archaeological standards. That being said, the resources of an excavation archive (e.g., notebooks, photographs, drawings, plans, etc.) are instrumental in efforts to reconstruct mosaics and their original context, and for learning about archaeological practices of the past. In early systematic excavations knowledge can be lost to time, even though properly recorded by its original excavators. This article uses the rich archival material of the American excavations at ancient Corinth to demonstrate how it is possible to reconstruct mosaics, the role of architects and artists in the early recording of mosaics, and the afterlives of mosaics at Corinth.

Download the article here.


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