University of Virginia!

After six years working and living in Greece, I returned to the United States in August 2019, in order to take up my position at my alma mater, the University of Virginia, in the McIntire Department of Art, as a Lecturer in Roman Art & Archaeology. It has been a productive and challenging first year full-time teaching. I have enjoyed teaching my students in courses such as Sex and the Ancient CityRoman Art & ArchaeologyThe Archaeology of Destruction, and Painting in the Ancient World.



One of the great benefits of the University is its architectural legacy that Thomas Jefferson, its founder, imbued it with. The majestic Lawn, with its Rotunda and its peripheral buildings in the Classical orders, give the University a special character–and an amazing backdrop to teach Classical Archaeology. Recently, I explored the Roman architecture of the University for our Alumni association, exploring Jefferson’s goals for the Lawn’s architecture, his influences, and what it is like to teach this space to students.

You can find the blog posts in Part 1 and Part 2.


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