Athens in August

Another summer has blown by at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens! This week our Summer Sessions draw to a close, and everyone is leaving the School and Athens. Now it is time for research!

Last week, I had the pleasure of leading a tour for members of the US National Defense University KEYSTONE, CAPSTONE, and PINNACLE General and Flag Officer courses around the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. While I was able to provide them insight into the monuments and artifacts there, the participants engaged in a way that made a what could have been a long two-hour tour in the middle of the summer go by very quickly–with positive results.


Today, on the Archivist’s blog here at the School, we released a story I wrote about a former professor who worked closely with the School from about 1945-1965: “Gertrude Smith: A Classic American Philhellene.” As a self-professed philhellene myself, this was a truly interesting experience to delve into archival records and write to former students of Smith–in order to understand the depth of her love of Greece.


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