Mosaics, Antioch, and Princeton

Last weekend, I gave a talk with some of my UVa colleagues on the iconographic program of the House of the Boat of Psyches of the Daphne suburb of ancient Antioch. The paper was entitled, “The House of the Boat of Psyches at Antioch: A New Reading via a 3D Digital Model.” We used a 3-D model to understand the relationship of the mosaics (and their program) with the surrounding architectural surroundings, which, unfortunately are lost.

The conference was the North American group of the Association Internationale pour l’Étude de la Mosaïque Antique (AIEMA), hosted by Princeton University. It is always nice to be in Princeton. We met some really nice scholars from all over America, including some great folks from Montana and Texas. We also got to spend some time at Princeton’s Photo Archive of the Antioch Excavations that were done in the 1930s. Go mosaics!

Tethys panel from Room 6 of the House of the Boat of Psyches, now in the Baltimore Museum of Art.


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