Summer Travel

It is almost time to leave Charlottesville for a summer filled with traveling, researching, and digging. Hopefully I will be able to update on my travels through Italy and Turkey. I will leave you with a few good quotes that I found today, while reading about the reception of the classical world:

“A man who has not been to Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority.” Samuel Johnson, 5 April 1776.

“Farewell, Monsieur Traveller: look you lisp and wear strange suits, disable all the benefits of your own country, be out of love with your nativity and almost chide God for making you that countenance you are, or I will scarce think you have swam in a gondola.” Shakespeare, As You Like It, 4.1

(Found in: Jenkyns, R. 2002. “Britain and the Development of Classical Taste.” In Appropriating Antiquity, Saisir l’Antique: Collections et collectionneurs d’antiques en Belgique et en Grande-Bretagne au XIXe siècle, edited by A. Tsingardia and D. Kurtz. Brussels: Le Livre Timperman.)


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